Operations on Array

Microsoft Azure

the essence operation the app handles is to solve unlimited number NxN of linear equations. In addition, the software performs mathematics operations on arrays such as: multiplication, division, and inversion. Besides, the app provides a very friendly and easy-to-use user interface where just you need to use your mouse to perform all the operations including copy & paste. Try out the app and pay as much as you want!

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Number Systems

Microsoft Azure

do you like to work on different number systems? Do you need an app where all number systems in between binary and hexadecimal are available? do you need a system support decimal points and the four operations on any number systems. this app provides all the aforementioned features. Checkout this app and be able to work on number systems easily.

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Boss Puzzle

Microsoft Azure

Boss puzzle is a sliding game of numbered tiles. this application uses artificial intelligence to solve any size of puzzle such as 8-puzzle, 15-puzzle, ... etc. this application has been developed to use artificial intelligence (AI) to solve the puzzle and to find the best solution. the application uses A* algorithm to solve the issue. the application was developed in 2005

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Text Encrypter

Microsoft Azure

Text Encrypter encrypts and ciphers any text. It is a very friendly interface application.

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Microsoft Azure

Cryptographer is an application where you can encrypt some text into a BMP pictures.

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